Joyfiled Christmas In July Party

This month is almost over, and my daughter has been gung-ho about celebrating Christmas In July so hosting a little party so she can get her Christmas fix seemed to do the trick. This time of year we are getting ready to get in that spirit of back to school In Georgia, So we thought we'd have her friends over to make a naughty and nice list of back to school supplies. That little girl can dream of then build a sand snowman of course along with some cake so you can not go wrong with that Jolly Joyful Christmas In July 

The absolute best way for this busy mom to send out invites to this Joyeux party was through Paperless post. And If you're like me its never to early get a head start on your Christmas cards.  Fantastic selection of Christmas Cards for the busy event planning mommies like me out there. You will thank me later after you check out their site  https://www.paperlesspost.com/lp/christmas-cards
Can't get to the beach that's okay brings the beach to you with a little sand to your backyard  
We started the party outdoors, with building a sand snowman and we wrote out our dream back to school list and then we ended up indoors for a bunch of Christmas movies fun. It started off with My Little Ponies Christmas movie of course.
Naughty or Nice back to list write out the school supplies of your dreams 
And we had yummy Christmas themed cupcakes, and  we sipped pink lemonade dreams fromChristmas ornaments as our glasses of course 
Here is to a jolly merry happy, joyful rest of the summer and back to school we love Christmas and its okay to add a sprinkle of it in your life even though it's just July 


Being an event planner is a lifestyle business and part of being a lifestyle business there is a language that comes along with being this type of business. A language that must be used to attract customers that are on your target client list that you desire. All savvy boss chicks and business baddies, copywriters and graphic, web designers know that certain words draw your customer and make them want to spend. Increase your conversion. Of course, different words have different moving factors which will work in variousevent business's at varying times. However, some joyful keywords work across all business. I have listed 14 keywords that have marketing magic that will help you get where you need to be.  So on this marketing, Monday here are some words you need to ease in your next email campaign, call to action on your social media post and when you closing the deal and you are marketing to your clients.  I hope you enjoy these powerful marketing words that sell and boost response add  customers to your list and convert customers your clients to sales.

       More – Do you offer more style and detail than your competitor, of course, you do that word More makes your customer want more even if you are not doing more Because the word makes customers think that are getting a better deal Even though they are not. Because this is a lifestyle business, so discounts are very limited in our line of work so we have to savvy in our wording (shhh don’t tell them that)

2            Elite – oh yes they want to be the cream of the crop the best in the world invite them to join the elite club of people who have let you plan their event

3         Powerful – This word lets customers know that your service is a force, and they should be using your service bu using your service they are powerful themselves  

4            New – have a new package design or d├ęcor item customers love new so you should use that as well

        Everything you need- everything you need for event right here -this tells your client that you are all that they need, and they can buy and book all in one place

6        Amazing – Customers love to respond to things that are amazing and incredible wouldn’t you

7          How to – these words intoxicate people in all the time use in your blog post on your email campaigns and more people love when there is a solution to a problem or need that they have

8           Premium – High-quality, great style premium helps them know that you are and your service you offer to them perform high quality

9     The- It is the end all and be all of the words it is the best word out there to get the customers to know that you are the solution the event planner, the florist they need tell them that need you for sure

1     Proven- This lets customers know that your services are the best, and if you have verified testimonies, client recommendations, let them know that you guys are the bomb in a subdued manner

1         Never- “Never worry when you hire us” Never worry again these are keywords that help them to book you over and over again. My moms come back again and again because they do not worry – One of my testimonies from a client is “we never have to worry at all about the service that will receive when we hire Jola’s Joyful Events.”

1            Act now – Act now and Book now calls them to action it is okay to motivate a response a limited time offer boutonnieres half price if you book this package for a limited time.

1     Because- Because you need to hire me to put it in their minds that they nee you give customers and clients a reason why they need you and need to take action and book you

      Easy – Let your customers know how much easier life would be if they would book you and sign up for your fabulous services, products, and offers

These are just a few of the keywords that you should use to make for a magical money making marketing campaign; We will be doing a webinar soon on marketing magic for the event planner
If you are not on my mailing list and would like to get on my mailing list bit.ly/freeplanwebinar
Need help in your business book a power planning session at bit.ly/hourofpowerdeal


Joyful Green Juice


  • 2 large cucumbers
  • 1 large wedge (about 1/4) of cantaloupe 
  • 3 celery stalks
  • 1 green apple 


  1. Wash produce well.
  2. Peel the cantaloupe & cucumbers (optional). I do not peel mine at all 
  3. Chop the ingredients to fit through your juicer.
  4. Juice and enjoy!


  • Cucumber – other varieties of cucumbers, apple
  • Melon (Honeydew) – cantaloupe (rockmelon), pineapple, watermelon
  • Celery – zucchini, cucumber


Pink & Gold Party Love

This was a pink and gold party love we joyfully loved setting this up for our clients
We spray painted the apple cider bottles with gold paint and we also made labels for the bottle you can get the downloadable here bit/ly/princessbottle

Chocolate covered Oreo cookies glitter to perfection adorned with a rose what every princess wants. 
Popping Glitter Popcorn Machine our glitter machine is one of our most requested party items that we have. 
We glitter the glasses and made strawberry rose lemonade which is yummy to the the tummy our recipe is up on the blog. 
We adore Design Design as they have the best tablescaping items for parties and each princess gets a crown. 
More views of our lovely strawberry. Rose lemonade 
Does this look like a store bought cake but it is from the local supermarket adorned with the cookies. Yummy to the tummy. 
Our arts and crafts station was so glitzy and glam for all to decorate a princess crown 
Every princess deserves pink cupcakes as well sugar filled bellies, there was pizza to. 
A big picture view of the fabulous party 


Boost Your Summer Blogging With These 100 Post Ideas

Ok, party bloggers there are like 23 days till summer and in the party world, this is prime party season to give us so much to blog and celebrate. If you’re like me by the end of summer, I have over 40,000 pictures to shift through. Thank God for coffee right.  But with the kids out of school and trying to keep the littles entertained and with just living our lives blog topics for the boss mom gets pushed to the wayside. No worries Miss Joyful is here to save the day for you. Here are some blog themes for you 99 topics you can blog about and engage readers. Think outside of the rhombus and put your special twist to it. And your welcome fellow party world bloggers.  Now let's go party in joy.

1-Water play yes those dog days of summer leads you to beat the heat so ideas on how and fans ways to keep the kiddos fresh are a great topic to splash into as well.
2-Dog Days Of Summer – Yes Show The Family Pets Some Love As Well Have A pet party get the neighborhood pets together for bow wow pow wow
3-Which leads to my next idea have a pow wow perfect weather mainly a night time pow wow when the sun is shown will make for great fun, authentic pictures
4-Yummy To The Tummy Donut Day Is on June 3rd so forward to the donuts than to the gym!
5-Flowers Oh Yeah Summertime Has The Best Blooms So Think Of the parties That Can Be Bloom Centered nd centerpieces that you can do with blooms
6-Camping  - June is National Camping Month Need I Say Anymore – If you think about it, you can get at least 10 blog post out of just camping alone
7- Backyard Bubble games idea 
8-You scream I scream for ice cream on June 7th, 2016 is national chocolate ice cream day if you want to make a particular post that day or just host chocolate lovers only ice cream party yummy please send invites to just kidding
9-  Fishing Party Fun
10- June 8th is Best friends day Get the Bff together, and some emojis and you are good to go
11-  sprinkles And sprinklers two things that you use plenty of in the summer
12- Graduation themes are still ideal for the month of June as well honor the individual graduates and think of graduations on different age levels such as high school and college, but middle school promotion is significant as well, and so kindergarten so think of ideas for those as well.
13- In June You Can do teacher thank you ideas and gifts
14- Let's salute the Men in our Lives Father Days yes daddy day is an excellent way to showcase printables and arts and crafts if you do day on your blog as well
15-Wedding season is here showcase the DIY bride or bride on the budget
16- Summer Bucket list -make one and this list can give more topics to blog about honeybees
17- Butterflies are so abundant this time of year and so beautiful so why not
18-  This is Georgia so sweet tea is king there is an iced tea day on June 10th
19- Cant make you way to the beach bring the beach to you a beach day
20- Summer salads are a great one time-saving times always get the mom followers
21- Fourth of July and Canda Day Happen In July so a great holiday to list out as well.
22- Look it’s a bird a plane no its Superman day is June 12th so if you did a superman party great day to bring it back to a flashback
23- If you like me you BBQ and summertime is a great time to BBQ  and write about it as well recipes, tips, tricks party styling look that's four different posts from that one idea
24- bugs, bugs, bugs there are plenty out in the summer in July and make a great theme for kids
25-chalk and play  ideas are always great for moms in needs for little one
26- Do a summer giveaway everyone loves a giveaway of your favorite summer party items
27- long or short weekend trips where you are you on vacation ideas
28- For the budget-busting families list staycation ideas  and how to host a staycation party
29- There are plenty buzzing brides so crank out those  bridal shower ideas
30- spring and summer are full of births and birthdays so baby shower ideas are always good.
40- Pop It Off With Popsicle – Popsicles party, recipes, and ideas there are so many things that you can pop of wth positives to write about it. Those blog post will be fruity delicious
41- Lemonade Honey I know Beyonce has given this drink a whole new life but put a spin on it how you do your lemonade, think of other ways you can use lemonade beside in a cup color outside the line to make that blog post interesting

42- Books summer reading is popular in many households so use book reading to your blog advantage
43- colors summer colors you can do whole parties based on colors
44- watermelon this summer favorite always blogs worthy
45- outdoor dining ideas since we spend do much of our time outdoors it just makes sense
46- Well doing research for you guys I didn’t know this but guess what Donald Duck has a day quack and you can do a Donald duck them party on June 9th is his special day
47- summer intriguing  piece ideas also make a fun idea  you can beat a summer picnic
48- Fruit ideas what are the fun thing things you can do with fruit
49- Backdrop  Ideas for all the i=outddor parties that you have to give them inspiration
50- June 14th is flag day so raise your flags high that is in America that is
51- June 24th is fairy day so get out the wings and fairy dust
52-  Outdoor toys showcase all the toys you have and blog about it
53- What has summer of years past taught you
54- five things you would tell your younger self in summer days it's okay a personal sometimes
55- Learn something new and blog about it take a class
56-  Review products like sunscreen and other summer essential items as well
57- share your goals and Dreams for summer futures
58- Start guiding your readers into fall as the season begins to wind down on what you're looking forward to fall
59- Well doing research for you guys I didn’t know this but guess what Donald Duck has a day quack and you can do a Donald duck them party on June 9th is his special day
60- Invite a guest blogger to share some of their summer favorites
61- Do a reader survey on what they would like to see for the upcoming seasons
62- show your daily summer routine
63- behind the scenes of the shoots of your party styling
64- Create a summer printable and share with your readers
65- lazy days of summer ways your kids spend lazy days
66- Do a photo only post no words and ask readers to caption photos great way to create engagement
67- Summer safety is such an important to share how you keep it safe
68- write a dear fall letter of the things that you look forward in letter form like fall was a friend
69- tutorial and diy a straightforward idea that keeps you sane for summer
70- Mommy cocktails share  the mommy cocktails of summer
71- create a summer boredom buster list that moms can print out and go to
72- Attend an outdoor event and blog about it as a free concert in park etc
73- Birds there are so many lovely birds here in Atlanta they will great blog post and wonderfully styled party
74-  Do a video post a vlog instead of a written post
75- Breakfast Busters For Kids
76- July 7th is National Strawberry Sunday day, and that is great day make it fun put your own spin on it
77- July 9th is National Cookie day so different things that you can with sugar cookies at a party
78- Style a summer party on a budget less than $300.00 and show moms how you did it
79- July 14th is National Hot Dog Day, and this is a summer favorite
80- Host a block party get the neighborhood styling moms together for some food friends and fun
81- Hist a style challenge with select summer items great way t increase engagement
82- Summer Olympics party ideas
83- Pull out the candy July 20th  is National Loippoip day and can make a great party shoot idea
84-  Host A Family Night Fun Like Game Night And Make Printables Clients Can Use
85- July 25th, 2016 is National Merry Go Round Day, Pull up your carousel parties or merry go round party ideas
86- Summer movie reviews review all the movies that you went to see this summer
87- Music makes an inspiring post what is your mommy music summer list and make a list that the kids wear as well.
88- How to prepare your backyard for a summer party
89-  5 best gifts that you can give the teachers for back to school
90- Roadtrip Games that you played on vacations and journeys make a great post everyone loves new ways to entertain kids
91- Best parks in Atlanta- Or Wherever You Live Make A Great Post
92- Best Camping Locations In Atlanta – Or Wever You Live Campin In Summer Is Big
93- Fun At Atlanta Farmers Markets, Farmers Markets Are Great Photo Fun Oppurntities
94- Cooking With The Kids Farmer Markets Finds Oh yeah get those kids in the kitchen to serve you
95- Pantry Power what to pack your pantry with for summer
96- Oh you almost made it have a pre-party, Host a back to school party
97-  If you could have run into a celebrity on your summer vacation who would you want it to be
98- gardening  recipes for  upcoming fall  get your audience ready  for the fall fun you going to blog about
99-  Party themes that you think will tend for the fall
100- Make a collage of all your summer adventures and share your end of summer blasts

Have fun with remembering every day that you are alive make if full of joy and blogging doesn't have to be painfully hard. it should be fun and easy and that you can have fun make great relationships and get guest authors remember social media is to be social and to get you meet people that you could reach otherwise. So take great advantage of that ask your viewer what they want. And think outside of the rhombus a color outside the lines that is the best way to get your blog seen and monetized be joyfully yourself.  If you need help in party planning, blogging, event business coaching I'm here for you and can be reached at jolasjoyfulevents@hotmail.com


Four times Four Fun Facts About Me

It’s fun Friday I thought it would be fun to share fun facts about me instead of sharing party stuff
My name is Brenda, and most of my clients call Miss Joyful I been in the event planning industry for over eight years, and I have an infinity for Jesus

What's my four favorite snacks?

cookies and cream ice cream
Veggie chips
Cheese and crackers

Four places I rather am than here right now?
New York City
Cabin in the woods
Hiking a trail to waterfall

Four people, I want to meet, dead or alive
Julie Andrews
Langston Hughes

Four phrases I'm always saying

I say that to say
Fix it Jesus
There is no such thing as possible
Throw glitter on it,  Glitter will make it better

Well I hope you liked my four times four fun facts about me


Joyful Flower Power Lemonade

Joyful Flower Power Lemonade

I did not know that my edible flowers lemonade would be a big hit. I guess in light of Beyonce’s lemonade and social media it has done my lemonade styling justice. I have gotten many requests for my lemonade recipe.  Well besides being an event planner, budding florists. I am an aromatherapist as well. Moreover, I have a passion for edible flowers As an aromatherapist I know that flowers serve as a healer not only as lovely accent pieces.  Being a children's event planner, I am all about spreading joy through light and love in my events. So for my mommy and me tea party, and blush and gold baby shower I wanted to show this love through one of the best heart healing flowers of them all Roses.  Many people have sent me emails asking where do buy edible roses?

Well the best place to find them is your local farmers' market. We have a great farmers market here in Roswell, Georgia and tons of great farmers markets all around the metro Atlanta area. Why I like local farmers markets because you can also talk to the vendors and many of the farmers are organic and make sure their crops are safe for you to eat (side note: that is why I do not use supermarket flowers because many are sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals to stay fresh)
You can also look for edible flowers in the produce section of your grocery store I know that when I am in New York City at many of the gourmet markets they have edible flowers for sale. However, if you are not in Newyork City or Atlanta and your grocery store does not carry them in house then you can order them online http://shop.gourmetsweetbotanicals.com/Edible-Flowers_c3.htm or at http://www.marxfoods.com/products/Bulk-Edible-Flowers

Some tips for you when using the edible flowers
Make sure that you clean them gently with water I like to use cold distilled water so that the flowers are free of insects and bugs. After you was them let your flowers or petals air dry and you store them in air tight container when I am storing them in an airtight container, I always make sure to line my containers with parchment paper and a paper towel to catch the moisture and thy last about five days in the container.

Try different flowers, not just roses there are so many flowers that are edible that heal and give us vital nature elements not only will it make your event stand out but give your body something good as well. Experiment with your event design and tablescape and remember to share your pictures with us if you decide to use edible flowers we would love to see it send pictures to jolasjoyfulevents@hotmail.com or tag us on facebook nd Instagram at @jolasjoyfulevents

Lemonade recipe
One large can of frozen pink lemonade
1 quart of raspberry sherbet
2 quarts of 7-up or sprite I prefer 7-up
add about 12 cut up fresh strawberries 
Mix it all together do not dilute the lemonade with water let the sherbet melt into the lemonade mix it all together adds roses and pours and garnish with roses in glasses, and there you have it our joyful rose lemonade